A Place to Be provides space for the following events and programs. The purpose is to enhance creativity, learning and sharing through conversations and discussions. Individuals and organizations can reserve the place for the following types of activities:

There is no fee to reserve the place, however, a donation is expected.
To reserve please contact Cheema at aplacetobe@cheemaoptions.org


In addition, A Place to Be supports the following programs from its budget.
To participate and join the list serve for these activities, please email Cheema at aplacetobe@cheemaoptions.org

Host the Madison Death Cafe
The Death Cafe Madison is held on the first Monday of each month at A Place to Be at 7PM. The Death Cafe is a conversation to share, explore, reflect, ponder and inquire about how we feel about the meaning of death in the journey of life.


Coordinate the East Side Women Business Network group
The purpose of the group is to know and promote each others' businesses. On occasion, there are speakers and other talks focused on improving business practices. Participation is free of cost; however, you have to be a business owner to be part of the network.

Support a Summer Youth Discussion Program on diversity and socio-economic issues
A Place to Be will work with community organizations and schools to implement the program.

Support a Talking Library for the Visually Impaired in India
Dr. Amrik Singh Cheema Foundation supports the only library in Chandigarh that provides audio books to help students excel in their subject areas, meet their educational requirements, and increase their chances of better job opportunities to lead them to a path of self-sufficiency. This includes college curriculum, materials for competitive exams, news and so on. The Talking Library equipment is funded through grants, however, there is shortage of funds to support the staff that record the tapes and manage the library. In the past two years, 300 students using materials from the library have successfully graduated from college and are employed. Without this library, there is no alternative place in the city of Chandigarh for the visually impaired to obtain educational materials on tape.

For more details on the program, visit: cheematrust.org

Support the Arts
On a quarterly basis, A Place to Be hosts musicians, artists and individuals who want to create a special group to promote their ideas and art.


A Place to Be is a privately owned space available for community activities that align with our mission. As a guest, we ask that groups follow a few guidelines to ensure that the artistry and comfort of the space be maintained:

DONATION BASED: We offer use of our space by donation*, with a typical donation for 2-3 hours being $30. Please consider the length of time, use of facility resources, and your group/organizational budget when providing a donation. Cash or check payable to Cheema Options can be left in the donation box.

FOOD AND DRINK: Cold foods and snacks can be served - please, no hot foods. Hot and cold water, tea, and a coffee pot are available, and other beverages may be served if provided by your group. (Please observe the furnishings if serving food or drink).

CLEAN UP: Please leave the space as you found it. If necessary, cleaning supplies can be found in the back hallway and city trash and recycling out the back door.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Cheema at aplacetobe@cheemaoptions.org

*In certain circumstances, the fee can be waived or may be less than suggested if necessary. Please contact Cheema to discuss waiving the donation.